Academy Features

  • Introduction to Advanced Levels

    Courses for those new to optimizing male health to advanced clinical approaches

  • On Demand

    Learn at your own pace and review as many times as needed

  • Practical & Actionable

    Information that will help you move forward in balancing hormone health

About Madeira Academy

Dr. Sam Madeira shares his clinical experience from over a decade of treating thousands of men for hormone imbalances. He also shares clinical insights with practitioners looking to expand their skills in optimizing men's health.

  • Understand the top myths surrounding male hormones

  • Learn practical ways to interpret labs

  • Move beyond a cookie cutter approach and how to customize a plan that optimizes whole health

  • Learn crucial signs telling when it is important to start testosterone replacement therapy

Optimize your and your patient's health

Enjoy peak performance by getting that extra edge from balancing your hormones


  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Most courses you will have access for life. It is a one time purchase to access the course content.

  • Who is this for?

    There are different levels of content. Our introductory courses are for individuals or health professionals who are needing an overview of male hormone health. The advanced modules are for prescribing physicians and gets into deeper details of customizing protocols, lab interpretations, and how to optimize your toughest cases.

  • Is this refundable?

    No. Due to the nature of this content once you purchase it there are no refunds. Once you see information it isn't something you can undo. If you have concerns that you may not be satisfied with the courses please reach out to us prior to making your purchase.